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What Is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Christian marriage counseling means different things to the many different people who supply the service. Some look on it as just regular marriage counseling with some of the interventions being religiously oriented. (A simple example would be using religious language, such as “ministering to each other’s needs” when discussing an intimacy issue.

Others see it strictly as spiritual formation and discipleship, from which love, intimacy, and harmony in marriage flow.

Most seek some kind of middle ground between these extremes. Those who do Christian marriage counseling – pastors, professional Christian counselors, and lay Christian counselors – label it as such, regardless of what form it takes.

The basic reason for the differences is that some believe if you have a correct understanding of God and you conform yourself to how He wants you to relate to Him and everyone else, your problems will be manageable and solvable. While acknowledging this as foundational, others say it’s not enough; there are other, non-religious, or non-spiritual beliefs that are equally foundational and must be considered.

Who Practices What?

Probably the first person you think of for Christian marriage counseling is a church pastor. 84% of pastors surveyed rank marital problems among the top five problems they address in pastoral counseling.

A pastor represents the church. His/her overall job is to help people establish and improve their personal relationships with God, whether publicly from the pulpit, in committee meetings and church events, or privately in counseling. These pastoral goals are even a part of his/her marriage counseling, where they extend to helping you to understand yourself and your spouse and improve your relationship.

Bishop Dr. Evan Grant: Pre-Marital Counselor and Marriage Officer/Counselor License in the States of Florida and New York.

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