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What is it?

At All Nations New Testament Church of God Fellowship, our transportation ministry provides a means of transportation for all who are in need and desire to come to worship at All Nations or All Nations event. Our volunteers are eager to help by providing a safe and convenient way for seniors, youth, and anyone interested in attending various church services and functions.

How Does It Work?

All Nations New Testament COGF tries to provide FREE transportation to anyone who has no way to get to and from the church. The van arrives at church in time for 9:30 AM Sunday School Classes. If you miss the early Van for Sunday School, we will pick you up to arrive in time for 10:30 AM Worship Service.

The Value

Our transportation ministry is a valuable outreach of our church designed to reach the whole family. Through worship, Sunday School, events, outings, and trips, children and adults learn how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then grow spiritually by life-changing Bible study and Christian fellowship with other believers. Drivers strive to focus on providing a warm, friendly, clean, and safe environment in the van. We would love to have an opportunity to provide this ministry to you and your family.

If you are in need of our transportation ministry, please feel free to contact All Nations NTCOG at 954-733-7684 during office hours. If after office hours, please contact 954-394-7839 to arrange for transportation. Another option is to fill out the Ride Request form to arrange for transportation.

Ride Request Form


  • Children under 6 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Children under 18 years riding without parent/guardian will need to complete and submit a permission form & Emergency Health Form signed by parent/guardian.
  • Parents/Guardians will also need to review Sunnybrook’s Child Protection Policy.

Forms can be found below:

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