A staff position with responsibility for this area demonstrates our Church’s commitment. Our leader is not single but is spiritually grounded, and is able to respond to Pastoral needs and have excellent communication and organizational skills.
We create and encourage singles-only activities, but it doesn’t stop there. We integrate singles into the general Church population and help them to feel a part of the Church as a whole and to contribute alongside other members.

Our Singles’ Ministry offer individuals the chance to work together on projects, to gather for social activities like movie night or bowling, or simply to carpool to Worship and other Church activities.
Our Singles’ Ministry incorporates outreach. We offer meals to the homeless, visiting the sick at a hospital and more.
At our Singles’ Ministry meetings, we try to Tackle “single” issues, such as divorce, relationships and loneliness, from a biblical perspective. We discuss these issues in a safe setting with others who are in the same stage of life which is more comfortable for many singles rather than talking about them in a more diverse group.

We focus on teaching participants how to lead a healthy, happy Christian life, regardless of whether they have a partner or not. We allow them to find their own love-even if it happens to be within the ministry.