Bishop Dr. Evan Grant TH.D. – General Overseer/Senior Pastor

Hardly any Pastors we talk to are totally satisfied with what’s happening when it comes to their men. It seems the women’s ministry runs circles around the men. It’s not necessarily a budget thing either. It’s just this sense that there could be more. More participation, more depth, more passion, more commitment is possible.
Our church today need both male and female, but especially male because when a man goes ‘all-in’ for Jesus, his influence reverberates through to his wife, his kids, his workplace, his community and his church. He becomes a disciple-maker if only through the ‘sermon’ of his life. He’ll become a more generous giver, both of his time and his treasure. He’ll draw other men to Jesus and to himself and to his church. Over time, his friends will be attracted to what he has and how he lives. Men in the church will respect and follow him.
As a Pastor, about the only thing you can do all by yourself is prepare and preach sermons. You can visit the sick, do funerals and weddings, but the work of the church requires the effort of others. The first place you turn for help is your staff, but that resource gets exhausted pretty quickly. At some point, you have to depend on lay people, on volunteers, on men who are willing and able to roll up their sleeves and help.

President and Vice President – Men’s Fellowship